Volunteer for India

Project Aims And Activities:

In various projects that cater for the needs of local women and children volunteers can get actively involved in activities such as education, women's empowerment, health, poverty-alleviation, social justice , drinking water & awareness drives etc.Education is often talked about as one of the greatest gifts you can give. Teaching is a great opportunity to help educate and inspire children. Whatever your age or background, if you have a positive attitude and a desire to make a difference, there is a huge variety of worthwhile projects that could benefit with your help; from conservation to community development, from teaching to tourism. MARWAR MEDICAL & RELIEF SOCIETY projects involve teaching in several schools within the peaceful and beautiful rural areas surrounding Mandore in Jodhpur. English was only recently added as a part of the primary school curriculum therefore most children go on to higher education with little knowledge of even basic English. Volunteering to teach English can make a huge difference to the under privileged child’s future and career prospects. This project is perfect for anyone looking to experience rural life and the rich culture of Rajasthan.

To experience new cultures and give something back serious efforts are made towards the empowerment of women in rural villages through sustainable and integrated programs during involvement of the projects. This includes developing major improvements towards women’s health, advocating clean environments both in the home and outside, developing the capacity building for income generation with social equality and many more issues. In order to facilitate the women of the village volunteers in the past have constructed ‘improved or modified fire places for cooking inside individual kitchens so the smoke emanated is released through the chimney pipe of the modified stove. This keeps the inner atmosphere clean and protects the eyes and lungs of the housewife and other family members against smoke. Depending on the need we have also installed new stone grinder mechanisms fitted with ball-bearings in village houses for grinding food grains.

Your Role: As an individual volunteer you would assist in teaching the children from surrounding villages with the help of the teachers and language supporting staff. The priority is to teach basic and conversational English however you are also welcome to use your imagination and personal interests to inspire the children by teaching various subjects and extra-curricular activities. This could mean you train a group in athletics, teach arts and crafts, organise and introduce new games and sports from your own countries schools. Other examples include playing music, teaching mathematics, world affairs, hygiene, nutrition and developing awareness against burning issues like Drug-Abuse, HIV/AIDs and other preventive education.