Marwar Medical and Relief Society


Drought and Famine often make life difficult for the people of Rajasthan when acute shortage of food, fodder and water particularly for cattle and scarcity of drinking water for all assumes critical dimensions. It was the severe drought in 1987-88 motivated us to institutionalize relief and social action and Marwar Medical and Relief Society (MMRS) came into being. Philanthropists, industrialists and social workers joined hands to meet the situation and alleviated the suffering of the rural cattle breeders, farmers and the poor. The experiment inspired and encouraged us to continue and broad base our activities also for the welfare of local community through sustainable developemental works.

Past Services

Medical Services

Medical camps are being regularly organized since 1987 and free medicines are also being made available to the needy patients. Since then Marwar Medical and Relief Society has multiplied health services through "School Health Program" for complete medical check up of school children followed by free medication in semi-urban and rural areas urban as well. Health Awareness camps, Eye Camps for Cataract operations, post-operative care and free distribution of spectacles and taking up of National program for Rehabilitation of persons with Disabilities (NPRPD), Awareness Workshop on National trust act 1999 for the welfare of persons with autism, Cerebral Palsy and mental retardation and multiple disabilities have become our regular features. Awareness Programs against HIV/AIDS, LAPRO-CAMP for gal-bladder problem, free polio-surgical correction camp in coordination with the Govt. of Rajasthan and association of local community.

Drug Abuse

Opium is the curse of rural Rajasthan causing a great deal of allied problems. Marwar Medical & Relief Society resolved to deal with this social menace with commitment and expertise. Today we take up periodically awareness, de-addiction, education and rehabilitation programs and also run a 15-bed (in-patient) Drug De-addiction Cum Rehabilitation Centre with latest equipments and trained staff.

Awareness Drives

The society has conducted the city level training workshop between 29th October to 3rd November 1996 in presence of Dr. James Cheign (International Substance Abuse Consultant) from HONG KONG and Mr. Mukhtiar Singh (I.A.S.) National Project coordinator I.L.O. Office for the representative of helping services. MMRS has been organizing anti-drug exhibitions, distributing handbills/ booklets and conducting drives for drug- prevention, HIV/AIDS education and building awareness in the rural community and also conduct various anti-drug programs on precious occasion of International Drug Abuse Day.

Old Aged Cares services

This is an initiative in providing healthy support and get-together for the aged men & women.

Human Resource Development

  • Surendra Gehlot participated in the Study Tour for ",Developing Community Drug Rehabilitation and Workplace Prevention Program" in BANGKOK and HONG-KONG (6th May-22 May 1996).

  • participated in National Workshop on "Vocational Rehabilitation And Income Generating Activities" in Dec. 1996.

  • participated in the ILO Refresher Training of Trainers Seminar on "Developing Community Based Rehabilitation in December 1997 and a Follow-up meeting for eighteen participating NGOs and enterprises in Nov. 1998 , New Delhi.

  • He participated in Workshop on Establishing Self-Help to establish Self-Help Group of recovering addicts and their families to sustain the recovery of the clients to strengthen the program at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi (December 1999).

  • Raj Gehlot has participated in a workshop on HIV/AIDS organized by I.E.C. Sponsored under SARC project and recently also represented in National Conference on Social Security organized by Govt. of Rajasthan.

  • The social worker of our society Sanjay Gehlot Participated Training of Trainers , Oct, 2002 at New Delhi sponsored by MSJE (Govt. of India) and NISD.

Our Counselors Participated

  • Training of Trainers course sponsored by ILO/MSJE (November 1995).

  • Job Training Fellowship at T.T.Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation, Chennai to provide the trainee an opportunity to observe how the various aspects of the program of the host organization have been developed and how this program is different from our organization and thus to exchange the knowledge, use and experiences to strengthen the program such as role of family and community, income generating/Vocational Rehabilitation, Follow-up services and to establish networking between the NGOs. (18th-30th August 1997).

  • Training Program on Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention at New Delhi (August 2001).

  • Program on Symptomatic Behavior, New Delhi (January 2002).

Distinguished Recognition

Marwar Medical & Relief Society has been selected as one of the 18th NGOs through out India by a collaborative Project of Ministry of Welfare (MOW), the International Labour Organization (ILO-Geneva) & UNDCP for participating in Project "Developing Community Drug Rehabilitation and Workplace Prevention Program.