Our Mission

Teaching & Community Development Project

These short & long term volunteer projects are aimed at improving the lives of the disadvantaged people of Rajasthan as well as focusing on improving the basic infrastructure in schools with the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. We all need energy and patience and you will receive the warmest welcome into the local community and leave with a lifetime's experience.

A variety of volunteering opportunities available with Mandore Project to share skills, creativity and learning with the aim of building a fairer world through the active involvement and collaboration between volunteers and the host community. We believe that each of us is capable of making significant contributions to the lives of others, and collectively, our contributions make our world a better place to live.This is registered as Marwar Medical and Relief Society, founded and incorporated as an Non Government Organisation (NGO) in 1988/89.


India's cultural diversity is amazing to take in; her colours, sounds and smells bristle with intensity. It is crowded with people, scattered with temples and choked cities and is divided by sacred rivers like the Ganges. India is economically very poor, consequently, volunteer work is quickly absorbed and we need many more overseas volunteers. We would like to invite you to come and explore a small part of this great land on a volunteer project in Rural Rajasthan where all social and cultural life revolves around either a village well or a temple.

You will certainly find living and working in India a challenge and it will take time to come to terms with a very different culture and environment. We believe whole heartedly that we offer great learning opportunities for people of all nations. Our purpose is not to change the culture of our host country, but to embrace and better understand the differences that give equal value to each society. We believe the footprint we leave behind should be gentle, the friendships great, and the memories and understandings gained should help to change lives forever.